Mobile and such gadget apps for events are a must in today’s scenario. Earlier, organizing an event and managing it used to be an extremely cumbersome task with the organizer often getting hassled as to which work to manage first. It was just that the job involved managing too many things together and that made the situation extremely complicated.

Livecube, one of the most widely used engagement apps, has announced a number of upgrades designed for event organizers and general audiences alike. The upgrades encompass event engagement, attendee participation, gamification, security and sponsorship capabilities. In addition to the upgrades, Livecube has also revamped its website and rebranded its logo to ensure that aesthetics and functionalities are aligned perfectly.

Livecube – Inspiring Audiences

We recently came across another great B2B venture at enterprise level called Livecube which significantly impacts social engagement levels at live events and trade shows alike. Encouraging true engagement between participants is not an easy thing to do as Lifecube’s CEO Justin Schier found out. Distractions are on the rise with new apps promising to entertain you 24/7 which leaves a large portion of the audience disengaged and simply put ‘disinterested’.


10 Social Media Best Practices for Tradeshows

At today’s tradeshows and live events, I dare you to separate attendees from their smart devices, and specifically their social media accounts. - See more at:

Keep your audience cheered up at social events and trade shows

One of the challenges of organizing a trade show, conference or live event is social engagement and participation. Since you cannot expect your attendees to disconnect from the digital world, how about instead having them embracing the experience with a gamified social engagement app? Livecube makes it possible. It actually transforms how people connect, as well as how they share ideas at live events all the while keeping it fun with gamification and prizes.

Organize the digital chaos of your event with Livecube

The conference you just attended was a whirlwind of networking with like minded people, attending seminars and social media posting. Trying to keep up at the conference and sorting it our afterward can be a time consuming and sometimes impossible task.

The Role of Mobile Tech at Live Events and Trade Shows

Enhance your social engagement at trade shows with your iPad and mobile devices.

iPadWiki had an informative chat with Justin Schier, CEO of Livecube, an innovative social engagement app for live events and trade shows, about the role mobile technology plays at live events.

Ever attend a conference where people mill around, slowly take their seats, and then mess around on text or Twitter until the session gets underway?

In the past, you may have wanted to reach out to someone you met at a trade show but didn’t quite catch their names. And what was the name of that startup that was giving away free fruit bars—energoji? energoh? energoo?

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